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4th Life Cycle Innovation Conference | LCIC 2024

We invite you to join the 4th Life Cycle Innovation Conference (, which will take place next year in Berlin, Germany and virtually around the world. LCIC 2024 is a unique conference that brings together a diverse crowd of change-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers who share a passion for sustainable innovation. The overall conference theme is collaborate, innovate, co-create as interaction and networking is a key focus of the conference. The call for abstracts and workshop proposals is open until the end of January, but thanks to the barcamp format, a third of the program will be spontaneously determined at the conference itself!

LCIC 2024 focuses on various aspects of SCP. In addition to the overall conference theme focussed on engagement, there are three dedicated focus themes for each of the three conference days:

- Day 1: Driving Sustainable Innovation through Policies and Standards
- Day 2: Connecting Corporate and Product Sustainability with Decarbonization Efforts
- Day 3: Enabling Life Cycle Innovation through Digitalization, Data & AI
Keynotes and Panels will put a spotlight on these three themes, while the sessions, workshops and barcamps will cover a much wider range of Life Cycle Innovation topics! While the themes outlined above focus more on various aspects of sustainable production, there will be various sessions and barcamps that also focus on the sustainable consumption piece of the puzzle. 
Given the fact that life cycle innovation is aimed at creating more sustainable products across all economic sectors and life cycle information is key to enable consumers to become better informed and aware of a product's sustainability performance, SCP topics will thus be covered throughout the conference from various angles.
In addition to covering a wide range of SCP-related topics, LCIC 2024 combines a unique mix of different engagement formats with a highly diverse audience ranging from innovation managers, over marketing experts to sustainability and LCA specialists from all over the world.
You can submit your abstract or workshop proposal until the end of January!
Published on December 20, 2023

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