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Claude Galette


I am an aspiring environmental policy and sustainable lifestyles specialist with depths of knowledge in sustainability, research methods, and journalism principles, with a degree in behavioral science. At the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Japan, I developed guides, workshops materials, web content, and programs materials aimed at integrating sustainability in curriculums and school operations in 9 countries. I co-authored the outcome report, distributed as a reference to our partners. I also conducted independent research and explore my interest in waste policy.

With MaRS Discovery District, in a team of external consultants, I put forward a project highlighting barriers and opportunities to municipal clean tech adoption in the buildings sector, assessing implications, and developing implementation recommendations.

Finally, I worked as a Project Evaluator with the REACH Alliance and the Co-Meta Initiative. Co-Meta is a multistakeholder economic empowerment project, engaging low-income women in entrepreneurial pursuits in Guadalajara, Mexico.