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This conference is the first in person conference of the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet network (OPN), a multistakeholder community working to engage in dialogue and collaborate on innovative solutions to achieve SDG 12 and promote a more circular economy. Its primary objective is to bring together global leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe and America to set an agenda for future actions to scale up sustainable consumption and production. Policy makers, industry experts, and practitioners in the field of sustainable public procurement and ecolabelling will share knowledge, discuss current trends, and identify priorities to address the triple planetary crisis: the crisis of climate change, the crisis of nature and biodiversity loss, and the crisis of pollution and waste. The conference will also officially launch the EcoAdvance: Ecolabels and Sustainable Public Procurement proj

Expected Outcomes:


Enhanced understanding of the role and potential of ecolabelling and sustainable public procurement in combating the climate and biodiversity loss crises and promoting sustainable consumption and production.


Identified opportunities and strategies for scaling up ecolabelling and sustainable public procurement to promote circular economy.


Through the One Planet Network, strengthened networking and collaborations among participants and in particular for the Consumer Information Programme and Sustainable Public Procurement Programme.

More information avaialble here:

Published on October 16, 2023

Supporting document(s)

Final Agenda CIP Global Conference.pdf
Event start date
04:33 pm
Event end date
04:33 pm

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