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Circular & Fair ICT Pact

  • Published on March 16, 2023

The Circular & Fair ICT Pact (CFIT) is an international procurement-led partnership to accelerate circularity, fairness and sustainability in the ICT sector. CFIT will stimulate the use of common, easy-to-use procurement criteria, provide guidance and facilitate knowledge sharing. Together we will leverage our collective procurement power, in close dialogue with the ICT supply side, to affect the change and innovation we need. CFIT is an action under the UN One Planet Network SPP programme.

The Circular & Fair ICT Pact is an action under the Sustainable Public Procurement Programme of the UN One Planet Network. It started as an initiative by the Dutch government in collaboration with other frontrunner countries and regions and in consultation with the ICT market.


The CFIT Pact is open to join for every organization procuring ICT. It supports both frontrunners in the field who want to make more impact together and other procurers who simply want to know how to make their own procurement more circular and fair. Governments with circular and fair ambitions around ICT (or other public organizations) can also join the pact as a coordinating organization supporting a buyer group. Both procurers and coordinators are crucial in building up our collective procurement power.

Other organizations such as ICT producers, ICT value chain partners, NGOs, network and knowledge organizations cannot be participants in the Pact to avoid any conflict of interest. They are more than welcome to sign the Pact as a supporter however. This means they help promote the Pact and its results, and to provide constructive input when invited to join a working group dialogue.

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