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Sustainable Public Procurement Programme

Construction & Infrastructure

Mainstreaming sustainability in procurement of public works

While infrastructure is essential for fostering economic activities and alleviation of poverty, the scale of investment forecasted into the sector in the next two decades has potential to create havoc with natural resources and cause irreversible damages to the environment. It makes imperative to all stakeholders to take sustainability consideration into business decision. 

The Interest Group (IG) on SPP in procurement of Construction/Infrastructure, following a multi-stakeholder consultation process, has identified lack of support for implementing sustainable procurement of infrastructure on the ground as one of the major constraints in member countries. The Interest Group aims to bridge this gap by making available existing resources (tools, guidelines, best practices etc.) to procurers at regional, national and local level in member countries for mainstreaming sustainability in public procurement of works. 

Recognizing that sustainable procurement of infrastructure is a journey and all organizations shall aim to reach the highest levels of maturity and sustainability impacts at their own pace, the IG aims to kick off an international project for establishing an online Knowledge Secondary Materials Market Platform with two main focus areas.

  1. Showcase procurement tools (such as RFx documents, evaluation tools; capacity building and information materials, case studies) in language that is understood by procurement professionals and stakeholders.
  2. Act as materials exchange platform for trading secondary materials. 

The IG has reached out to funding agencies to support this platform. IG also invites and welcomes experts and institutions to join this collaborative effort and scale up implementation on the ground.

Past activities

  • Call for case studies on SPP in construction/infrastructure. Please fill out this document and share with Sanjay (as indicated at the end of the document)
  • Session on Sustainable Procurement at GreenPro Summit August 2020
  • IG organised two workshops of stakeholders (Vadodara, India and Sidney, Australia) in the third quarter of 2019 to test the strategic plan of the group.
  • IG organised another symposium in Gwalior, India with SBC Programme on “Mainstreaming SPP in Building Sector”.

Past documents

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