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Sustainable Public Procurement Programme

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Implementation of the 2030 Agenda and associated SDGs requires global commitment and accelerated action. Public procurers hold the key to make public spend matter, however, need a supportive framework to take action.The One Planet Network SPP Programme calls for political leadership to enable the needed change from cost-compliance to value creation.

Sustainable Public Procurement can be learned and institutionalised across departments:

By working together public procurers, policy makers, sustainability managers have the leverage to establish procurement policies, strategies, processes and practices, which embed environmental, economic and social considerations towards implementation of SDG12.

Want to share your experiences?

The One Planet Network SPP Programme wants to hear about your experiences and needs to advance in SPP implementation at local, regional, and national levels.

Sustainable Development Goals:

Public procurers around the world play a key role in implementing the required change in practice.

Need support?

The One Planet Network SPP Programme offers practical guidance and tools as well as providing connections to existing knowledge/experiences and establishing learning networks between frontrunners and followers.

Public authorities need to accelerate the uptake of sustainable procurement practice at the international, national, regional and local level.

But how?

Get in touch with the One Planet Network SPP Programme to exchange on how to raise awareness and build capacity in your organisation to take the next steps and use procurement strategically.

For all information, questions or inquiries please contact: Coordination Desk of the SPP Programme