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Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Community of Practice on Food Systems Approach on the Ground (CoP-FSAG)

The Community of Practice on Food Systems Approach on the Ground (COP- FSAG) is a collaboration platform facilitated by UNEP to connect different institutions that are promoting and implementing food systems approaches towards delivering sustainable food systems at city and country levels. It exists in the context of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme (OPN SFSP). It is formed by members of the SFS Programme, comprising UN agencies, city networks, civil society organizations, governments, and research institutes.


The platform aims to provide solutions to current challenges in applying a food systems approach to policymaking and implementation, for better food systems outcomes. The initiative

  • Builds on the practical experience of different institutions regarding the implementation of food systems approach on the ground;
  • Looks at translating food systems approach theory into practice;
  • Focus on strengthening current food systems governance structures in support to the increasing uptake of food systems approach by decision-makers; 
  • Stimulates the upscaling of best practices, using the engagement and collaborative power of the One Planet Network SFS Programme;

Key Activities

  • Joint organization of the webinar series “Food systems approach in practice” to share knowledge, challenges, and solutions in the implementation of holistic approaches to sustainable food systems policies and programmes, at local and national levels, and also connected to international forums (e.g. UN Food Systems Summit (FSS), the Conference of Parties (COPs) on Biodiversity and Climate, etc.)
  • Joint development of technical reports and research on the food systems approach to governance
  • Capacity development activities on food systems approach in countries
  • Joint engagement at global events (COPs, OPN SFSP Global Conference, CFS, etc.) to advocate for the adoption of the food systems approach at different levels.

Current members

The Community of Practice on Food Systems Approach on the Ground is generously supported by: