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Enable a cost-effective glass recycling value chain in Western Balkans

  • Published on February 17, 2023

The framework conditions for the establishment of a cost-efficient glass recycling value chain in Western Balkans are improved.

The project tackled the challenges in setting up the appropriate framework conditions in three Western Balkan countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina - BiH, North Macedonia, and Serbia) for increased recycling of glass as a valuable resource and in specific SDG 12 in ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. Encouraging industries, businesses, and consumers to recycle and reduce waste is equally important, as is supporting developing countries to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption by 2030.

The management of glass recycling streams is deficient at all levels and the framework conditions are yet not set properly to allow for the management gaps to close. In most municipalities, primary separation is not functioning properly as most municipalities do not have the capacities or the resources for setting up proper glass recycling infrastructure and managing collection and separation effectively. There are no adequate structures, facilities and capacities for full treatment and re-use of glass waste material available in the region. This project aimed to ensure that all actors in the waste management chain raise the awareness level, understand, and act to fulfill the objective defined by the Serbian legal framework.

The Project worked on increasing the amounts of glass collected from households in 16 cities and municipalities and HoReCa sector, raising awareness and setting the preconditions for cost-effective treatment and re-use of glass waste in the region. Over 1000 containers have been provided to cities and municipalities where consumers can dispose waste glass. Numerous promotional and educational events in cities and municipalities have been conducted and the quantities of collected glass have been monitored. As a result, a Guideline for better management of glass collection has been developed containing steps for improving the processes in glass collection as well as role of consumers in that regard.

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