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Food Value Chain Consultations

Food Services and Tourism

Food Value Chain Consultations Workshop 1: Food Services and Tourism


This workshop was the first of the 5 consultative workshops and comprised of representatives from private companies, civil society, governments, scientific and technical organisations, and the United Nations and other intergovernmental organisations. The key messages, the presentation from the workshop as well as the full list of participants is available in the workshop report.

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A number of best practices and initiatives were shared during the workshop regarding the role of Food Service and Tourism in working towards a more sustainable value chain. 

Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Inc. (SLHTA) - Virtual Agricultural Clearing House Programme


In 2016, the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association strived to create an effective platform that would connect agricultural producers directly to a marketplace within the hospitality sector. Therefore, they launched the Virtual Agricultural Clearing House Programme via the creation of two WhatsApp groups namely agricultural producers and chefs.

After being launched, the two groups of over 100 producers and 60 chefs quickly grew, and now over 300 messages are exchanged daily. Since the launch of the programme, the delivery and receipt of local produce has increased, food waste has been reduced by approximately 15%, there is a wider variety of locally available products and sales for farmers have increased significantly. 


Futouris - Sustainable Food Manual


Futouris carried out a study in hotels in Turkey and Gran Canary to gather information about the current status of sustainable food offer in hotels. From this study, the Sustainable Food Manual was created, covering all stages of the value chain, from procurement to food waste management and food communication.

The manual provides information about the benefits of fresh food, CO2 emissions of different types of food, ingredients, efficient resource use... It also includes guidelines to create more plant-based menus, use sustainable ingredients and renewable energy, more efficient cooking techniques and how to present sustainable food to customers. 


Scholars of Sustenance - Food Rescue Programme 

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