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Consumer Information for SCP Programme

Biodiversity - Get Going

Get Going!

Find ready-to-use material for your own communication activities here. Check out the recommendations and avoid common mistakes when communicating about consumption and biodiversity.

The Communication Guide presents the key points to consider when communicating about the impact of consumption on biodiversity and ecosystem services. It summarises how to send effective messages to your selected target group and how to inspire others to take action.

Do's and Dont's

Use these recommendations when communicating about consumption and biodiversity!
Avoid common mistakes when communicating about consumption and biodiversity!

Image Credentials: Personalize  -; Norms -; Relevance -; Emotional -; Rational  -; Call to action -; Moralising -adelphi; Commanding -; Reactance -; Jargon - adelphi;  Moral Licensing -; Doom & Gloom -

How to use our resources for action

Our resources are designed to raise awareness of the impacts of consumption on biodiversity and promote recommended actions. Use them to spread the word.

The provided tools and materials can be used freely for communication, cooperation and the dissemination of information to various target groups. While the infographics address the general public, the two policy briefs are targeted to businesses and policy-makers.

Our infographics are provided in three different formats: simple image files (png); files that can be printed easily (pdf); and adaptable InDesign files. With the latter, you can also insert your institution’s logo or translate the texts into your own language.


Policy briefs


There is an urgent need to re-think consumption and production and to take action to protect biodiversity and ecosystem...


Biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services are among the greatest systemic risks for the global economy and...