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Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • Published on June 29, 2022
This strategy was officially launched during the 10YFP Board Meeting which took place in Paris, France on October 18-19, 2022. 
The strategy lays out an ambitious vision for multilateral cooperation around Sustainable Consumption and Production moving forward, in order to make progress towards SDG 12 and foster a global movement for transformative change in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. 
A draft annotated outline of the strategy wasfirst developed, shared and presented to the members
of the 10YFP Board, Group of Friends and leads of the One Planet Network programmes on 12th May 2022. Written
comments were received until the 14th May and reflected in a proposed zero draft discussed on the 31st of May in
Stockholm. Based on the outcomes of this consultation and further feedback received in writing, a second draft was
developed by the 10YFP/One Planet Network Secretariat, presented and discussed on the occasion of a second
multistakeholder consultation led by the 10YFP Board on 12th July 2022. Further inputs from nearly forty Member
States, UN entities and stakeholder organizations were received in writing until the 16th of August. A third draft
consolidating inputs received was produced and presented to the 10YFP Board on the 24th August. The 
fourth draft reflected final comments and adjustments required by the 10YFP Board following the previous consultation.

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