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Green growth: strategies and actions to shift towards sustainable agrifood systems in the Mediterranean region

  • Published on December 14, 2023

During this webinar, organized by the SFS-MED Platform and held on 12 September 2023, stakeholders from across the Mediterranean shared knowledge and concrete experiences about the challenges and opportunities in greening agrifood systems in the Mediterranean region.

Panelists and speakers highlighted that without a shift towards more systemic and holistic approaches that embrace sustainable practices, food may become increasingly expensive and less secure, exacerbating social and economic inequalities, and further damaging the environment.
The discussion was instrumental in demonstrating that organizational, digital and financial innovations are accelerators for the adoption of sustainable agrifood practices. To this effect, it is key to foster supportive policy environments to secure the necessary finance for the green transtition. Furthermore, research, training, and skills development constitute indispensable tools to engage a young working-age population in multi-stakeholder platforms that promote collaborative and integrated approaches with the aim to achieve the sustainable transformation of agrifood systems.

Watch the recording here:

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