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GTPI plastic measurement methodology tools for Accommodation Providers

  • Published on September 8, 2022

The GTPI Plastics Measurement Methodology for Accommodation Providers is supported by two Excel Tools which can be used at either individual property or whole portfolio level to facilitate the plastic calculation process, and a Reporting Template for GTPI signatories to submit their performance to GTPI for each reporting cycle.


You find the link to the whole document below.

The Tools help to generate the following GTPI performance metrics: (i) annual total weight of plastics (metric tonnes), (ii) weight of plastics (kg) per guest night, and (iii) percentage of plastics which are compostable (%). The tools are the following ones:

  • The Property Tool is used by the property to identify plastic items used and consolidate relevant data (e.g. quantity, weight and compostability) to output its GTPI performance metrics.
  • The Portfolio Tool consolidates the data inputted within the Property Tools by its properties to output GTPI performance metrics for the entire portfolio. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the respective tools.


You can download calculation tools below.


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