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Working Group

Mainstreaming sustainable food systems in key policy fora

The Working Group (WG) 'Mainstreaming sustainable food systems in key policy fora' of the One Planet network's Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme aims to increase awareness and focus (and mainstream) on two interlinked items in key policy processes:

  • The need to adopt a more holistic lens concerning the interlinked challenges in our ‘food systems’ in order to include food systems in a range of related policy areas such as climate, hunger and poverty, biodiversity, inequality, etc.
  • The need to agree and implement solution pathways to achieve sustainable food systems that are based on a ‘food systems approach’.

Still today, many international/multilateral frameworks do not consider – or do so insufficiently – food systems among both the key challenges and the key opportunities for action to achieve the SDGs and a 1.5ºC degree world. This means that there is little acknowledgement that food systems are a key nexus, inter-connecting a vast range of issues such as hunger, poverty, water, biodiversity, climate, and therefore interconnect a range of sectors and their actors.

The WG helps build consensus and coordinate joint policy advocacy across the SFS Programme members.

The WG was established in late 2021 by the SFS Programme as one of its key actions for the 2021-23 biennium.

Policy advocacy resources

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Key Activities

  • Written policy advocacy documents
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  • Policy Advocacy Events
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  • Policy Advocacy Meetings
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  • Consensus building and alignment
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Current members

Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT (CGIAR)


Global Nature Fund

IFOAM - Organics international



Project X





Viet Nam

World Benchmarking Alliance