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Governance & Stakeholders

National focal points

To achieve sustainable consumption and production at the national level, each of the 193 UN Member States is invited to nominate a ‘National Focal Point’ for implementation of the 10YFP.

These National Focal Points are an important part of the global infrastructure on sustainable consumption and production. They provide a key entry point within national governments, and can facilitate connections between government ministries and departments within countries; between the governments of different countries; between different programmes and initiatives, such as the Secretariats of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements; as well as a channel between national governments and the private sector and civil society.

So far, more than 140 Member States have appointed a National Focal Point for the 10YFP. These National Focal Points are primarily from the Ministries of Environment, with some also from ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development, Economics, Trade, Agriculture, Industry and Tourism, among others.


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