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SFS-MED Platform

The SFS-MED Platform is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at promoting collaborative actions for the sustainable transformation of food systems in the Mediterranean, ultimately accelerating progress on the delivery of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the region.

The SFS-MED Platform is: 

  • A forum for dialogue and collaboration on priority themes for sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean, acting as a neutral facilitator of multi-stakeholder exchange to enhance policy coherence, build trust, and promote the effective implementation of actions.
  • An ideal setting to rebalance sustainability and finance. Dedicated support for the co-creation of flagship projects and investment proposals will enable actors in Mediterranean food systems to access funding and scale up sustainable investments.
  • A network for strengthening knowledge sharing and capacity building related to sustainable food consumption and production across the Mediterranean.
  • A catalyst of opportunities for regional cooperation for data sharing, science diplomacy, and the advancement of green and blue practices, as well as inclusive and digital innovation.


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