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Sustainability along all value chains: identifying and promoting local initiatives linking small-scale producers and consumers [CORE]

  • Published on February 12, 2019
The objective of Activity 1 of Core Initiative 3 is to build a regional program on SFS starting with a stock-taking and planning workshop. It will focus on promoting dialogue and exchange of concepts, approaches and experiences on sustainable agro-food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean and will generate actionable knowledge by developing collaborative workplans.
FAO's technical, advocacy and political incidence efforts in Guatemala have helped make the case for sustainable investment in child nutrition through school-feeding and public purchases from family farming, an approach which led to the approval of Guatemala's school-feeding law, which has been granted nationwide scope and an earmarked budget. Guatemala's school-feeding law takes the previous national budgetary allocation for school meals from 1.11 Quetzales (USD 0.15) per child per school day up to 3.00 Quetzales (USD 0.41) by the start of 2018 – followed by a further increase to 4.00 Quetzales (USD 0.54) slated for 2020. The increase will help guarantee more nutritious meals and more adequate portions and combinations for schoolchildren aged 6 to 12, and take into account their specific calorie, protein, and micronutrient requirements.

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