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Sustainable and healthy gastronomy as a key driver for sustainable food systems [CORE]

  • Published on March 24, 2017
Much of the agri-food diversity in the global tropics has disappeared from production systems due to consumption patterns changing. This is partially because of lack information and knowledge about it nutritional characteristics, the adoption of unsustainable diets and the specialization of monocrop agriculture based on over use of agrochemicals. The gastronomy sector can help reverse this undesirable situation since it plays an important role in linking food production with consumption.
This project aims to stimulate a sustainable gastronomy sector as a way to promotes sustainable diets, including the high variety of native products in local cuisine, enhance sustainable consumption and production, and revitalize the high variety of food. The goal is to initiate the new, healthy and sustainable country's cuisine as a driver of agriculture development and strengthening production opportunities for diversified family farming systems, and by doing so, influence the global debate about sustainable diets. The pilot phase will be focussed on Costa Rica. In a later stage the project will be unrolled in other countries. The main focus is on awareness raising of the need to shift to more sustainable food systems, but it will also set up a national roundtable platform on food systems in relation to the gastronomy movement which will bring together and strengthen collaboration between multiple stakeholders in a national food system, and learn and exchange with stakeholders from other countries. COMPONENT 1: Deliverable 1: Training program on sustainable diets & ‘Roadmap towards more sustainable offering and menu’s’. COMPONENT 2: Sustainability Dialogues (roundtables for stakeholders) COMPONENT 3: Communication campaign among the gastronomy sector COMPONENT 4: Inventory of endemic and native food plants COMPONENT 5: Gastronomy laboratories for innovation of endemic and native product consumption The project will: i) generate solutions to the problem of food biodiversity loss due to the disappearance of endemic, native and criollo high nutritional value of regional cuisine edible plants; ii) stimulate the consumption of sustainable diets; iii)address soil conversation, sustainable farming, the use of seasonal food species, efficient distribution, and reducing food losses. Contact:
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