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Report to the High-level political forum 2023 session

High-level political forum on sustainable development convened under the auspices of the economic and social council

The environmental, social and economic imperative of transitioning towards sustainable consumption and production patterns including through resource efficiency and circularity, is critical to our planet's future.

The 10YFP through its programs and initiatives, offers solutions to help governments and stakeholders move towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns.


  • Sustainable Consumption and Production can act as a vehicle to address the triple planetary crisis and support a sustainable recovery
  • The Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption & Production provides a coordinated, cross-cutting and
    targeted response to the challenge of shifting patterns of sustainable consumption & production globally and must be embraced.
  • Circular economy principles are increasingly being
    adopted by countries as a central vehicle to achieve
    sustainable consumption and production, but levels too low and further implementation must rapidly accelerate.
  • We must intensify multilateral and multi-stakeholder collaboration to accelerate coordinated action for sustainable consumption and production in the context of the implementation of the SDGs.
  • An inclusive approach focusing on gender equality and
    uplifting vulnerable communities is key to achieving
    sustainable consumption and production systems.
  • To accelerate the shift towards SCP we must focus our attention on high-impact, industry sectors and ensure they are significantly reducing their negative climate, biodiversity and pollution footprints
  • Realizing collective climate, biodiversity and pollution goals requires sustainable consumption and production
    & circular economy to be embedded within multi-lateral
    environmental agreements (MEA’s).
  • Harnessing the potential of emerging digital
    technologies and tools is key for accelerating the
    transition to a circular economy.
  • It is essential that we ensure that people everywhere have
    relevant information on sustainable lifestyles that exist
    in harmony with nature.
  • Policies that can effectively drive behavioural change
    towards sustainable outcomes need to be prioritized as a
    matter of urgency.


Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Pillar 1

Position SCP as a requirement and means to achieve global commitments for sustainable development, climate, biodiversity, and pollution

Pillar 2

Enable changes through circularity, multistakeholder and public-private partnerships, tools and solutions across high-impact systems and sectors.

Pillar 3

Empower countries and stakeholders to mainstream and implement SCP patterns, leveraging the UN Development System.

Pillar 4

Foster action by growing a global movement for SCP based on a science- based narrative, to change how we think about, act on and talk about consumption and production.

Supporting progress on SDG12.1

Regional distribution of reported policies (2019-2022)

Reporting on SDG 12.1 has been decreasing every year since 2019 and regional imbalances persist.


capacity building platform

Nexus Dialogues