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Governance & Stakeholders

of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production
and its One Planet network

The 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production and its One Planet network are implemented and governed by a number of key stakeholder groups, including the Board, National Focal Points, Secretariat and Programme lead organisations.

Combined, these stakeholders form the One Planet network Executive Committee, which meets once a year to discuss progress and achievements to-date of the One Planet network and its six programmes, as well as strategic priorities for the year to come.


The Board of the 10YFP

The Board of the 10YFP comprises ten countries, with each UN regional group represented by two member states. The initial term for each board member is two years.

The main functions of the Board are to promote the 10YFP,  to guide the Secretariat, and to assist in securing funding. 

The full Terms of Reference of the board can be found here.

National Focal Points


To achieve sustainable consumption and production at the national level, each of the 193 UN Member States is invited to nominate a ‘National Focal Point’ for implementation of the 10YFP.

These National Focal Points are an important part of the global infrastructure on sustainable consumption and production. They provide a key entry point within national governments, and can facilitate connections between government ministries and departments within countries; between the governments of different countries; between different programmes and initiatives, such as the Secretariats of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements; as well as a channel between national governments and the private sector and civil society.

So far, more than 140 Member States have appointed a National Focal Point for the 10YFP. These National Focal Points are primarily from the Ministries of Environment, with some also from ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development, Economics, Trade, Agriculture, Industry and Tourism, among others.



Programme Leadership

So far, six global programmes have been established. Each of the six programmes of the One Planet network is headed by 2-4 lead organisations from across government and civil society, including national government ministries and departments, UN agencies, non-governmental organisations and academic institutions.

These programme lead organisations guide and support the implementation of the programme objectives.

Each organisation appoints a team member to the role of programme co-ordination desk, which is responsible for the day-to-day implementation and operations of the programmes.



The 10YFP reports annually to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, which is responsible for tracking progress on the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The 10YFP Secretariat

The implementation of the global framework on sustainable consumption and production is facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme, which acts as Secretariat to the 10YFP.

The role of the Secretariat includes:

  • High-level advocacy and visibility, working closely with Member States, through the 10YFP Board and National Focal Points, and the UN system, ensuring collaboration and synergies with Multilateral Environmental Agreements

  • Strategic insights & science-based innovations, including through the application of the “value-chain approach”, developed in cooperation with the International Resource Panel in response to UNEA resolution UNEA/EA.4/Res.1

  • Coordination of the One Planet network, a global multi-stakeholder network that supports the implementation of the 10YFP, including knowledge management, outreach and advocacy

  • Monitoring and reporting on SDG 12 (policies, initiatives, trends) at all levels, including official reporting of Member States on 10YFP implementation. EU member states are reporting on circular economy under this target

  • Provision of secretariat services to the One Planet Multi-partner Trust Fund (MPTF) on SDG 12, a partnership between FAO, UNDP, UNEO, UN-Habitat, UNOPS and UNWTO, administered by the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office in New York


See all members of the 10YFP Secretariat


Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Accelerating the implementation of SDG 12 for integrated and scaled-up action at national level requires financial resources.

The Multi-Partner Trust Fund for SDG 12, a pooled fund established by six UN Agencies, is the means to accelerate the implementation of SDG 12 and deliver on Agenda 2030.

The Fund supports countries that are ready to implement SCP, with tailored support to national level stakeholders.

Financial Support


Thank you to all our donors for their generous financial contributions to the 10YFP