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Consumer Information for Sustainable Consumption and Production

The Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) implements and supports projects; undertakes research; identifies and encourages policies; and provides collaboration opportunities for anyone looking to engage and assist consumers in sustainable consumption.

The aspirational target of the CI-SCP is to work towards: "companies providing credible sustainability information on at least 50% of their products & services at the point of sale."


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Working groups

The Consumer Information Programme operates through four working groups (WG) looking at different aspects of consumer information

other projects

Beyond the dedicated working groups, the Consumer Information programme has a number of other workstreams focusing on different aspects of sustainability

Knowledge items

programme leadership

The Consumer Information Programme is led by the Environment Ministry of Germany, UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and Consumers International. The programme is supported by a Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC), which provides technical and strategic advice; and a network of partners implementing projects and contributing to working groups.

Event & webinars