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Global Strategy on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Whereas multistakeholder action on sustainable consumption and production over the last decade has made progress,  we must recognize that we are not on track to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. Smallscale, isolated, or fragmented actions, even in great numbers, will not be enough. To achieve our objectives, we must collectively and strategically work towards the systemic transformations needed to change the course of history.

The ambition that underpins the Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production is to accelerate the shift to sustainable consumption and production in all countries, through four complementary pillars which should guide collective and individual actions to accelerate this shift by 2030.

The Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption & Production 2023-2030 has been approved!




Further position sustainable consumption and production as an essential requirement and delivery mechanism to achieve global commitments for sustainable development, climate, biodiversity and pollution


Enable transformative changes through multistakeholder partnerships, tools and solutions across high-impact systems and sectors

Pillar III

pillar IV


Empower countries, in particular developing countries, and stakeholders for mainstreaming and implementing sustainable consumption and production, leveraging on the UN Development System


Fostering a global movement and commitments for action

The scp Strategy is a consultative process




In December 2021, the UN General Assembly extended the mandate of the 10YFP to 2030, and encouraged its implementation. Stakeholders began discussing what the next phase of transformative cooperation on SCP could look like, and how it could be put into action...

The UNGA decision recognized that unsustainable patterns of consumption and production are key drivers of natural resource depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and malnutrition, and recommitted to making fundamental changes in the way that societies produce and consume goods and services.

In addition, the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly took note of the decision of the Board of the 10-Year Framework to continue developing a new global strategy on sustainable consumption and production.

As such, the drafting of this strategy is underway, prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme serving as the 10YFP/One Planet Network Secretariat at the request of its Board. The strategy is being developed in the context of the Boards' efforts to develop an ambitious vision for multilateral and multistakeholder cooperation on sustainable consumption and production (SCP) beyond 2022.

The strategy will connect the dots and bring communities together, as well as address the challenge of unsustainable consumption and production in all its dimensions, mobilizing all actors – governments, the business sector, civil society, and citizens.

Detailed Consultations to Leave no one behind

As the above timeline indicates, a detailed series of consultations has taken place across regions and stakeholder groups, to ensure a maximum amount of ownership for the strategy. 

More than 450 focal points and experts participated in this consultative process, including five meetings of the Group of Friends for SCP, regional briefings, and three thematic consultations held in February/March of 2022 (Food Systems, Built Environment and Tourism).


10YFP Board & Group of Friends for SCP

In 2020, a motivated group of countries who recognize the importance of Sustainable Consumption and Production to the achievement of a number of international objectives, came together to form the Group of Friends for SCP. The mission of this group was to build a vision for SCP in the post-2022 landscape, by liaising with stakeholders and leading the political process along with the Chair of the 10YFP Board. 

 A series of consultations with the Board and Group of Friends have taken place throughout 2021 and 2022, and the detailed summaries of these meetings are below. 

It should also be noted that the first draft proposal of the strategy was discussed by the Board and Group of Friends at the One Planet Network Forum in Stockholm, Sweden on May 31st. 


Regional Consultations

From May - July 2021, a series of Regional Briefings were held to collect views and feedback from Member States (10YFP focal points and MEA focal points) on the vision of the Board and Group of Friends for the Global Strategy for SCP.  The briefings were Chaired by the Board members for their respective regional groups. Discussions focused on opportunities for mainstreaming SCP into Climate, Biodiversity, Pollution and Waste agendas as well as ongoing needs and sharing of best practices.

They were followed by a survey to collect additional input. In total 95 countries participated in the regional briefings and the survey was completed by 69 different focal points from 54 countries across all 5 regional groups.


Sectoral Consultations

The thematic consultations in high-impact sectors/systems, with approximately 150 participants, convened in cooperation with the One Planet Network programmes and other leading initiatives, on Food systems, the Built Environment, and Sustainable Tourism, focused on the strategic priorities, catalytic partnerships, transformative actions and enabling conditions that have a potential to trigger the systemic changes needed across high-impact sectors and value chains.


A draft annotated outline of the strategy wasfirst developed, shared and presented to the membersof the 10YFP Board, Group of...