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New podcast by HEJSupport: 'Building a World Without Toxins – Real Life Stories’

  • Published on December 21, 2023


The new HEJSupport podcast is dedicated to inspiring stories of individuals and initiatives to create a cleaner, healthier world. Join the co-directors of HEJSupport on this journey toward a toxics-free future. 

As we navigate the complexities of modern living, the prevalence of toxins in our environment has become an undeniable challenge. But fear not because we'll share stories of resilience, innovation, and determination in each episode. These are the stories of those actively working to build a world where toxins are a thing of the past. Our Podcast platform delivers substantive discussions, expert insights, and notable narratives on environmental sustainability.


To kick things off, we'll explore the impact of the textile industry on our planet. We'll unravel the environmental challenges and discuss why transitioning to sustainable textiles is more crucial now than ever. The first six episodes cover mainly sustainable fashion topics; each provides comprehensive insights.

Whether you are an experienced environmental expert or a novice to the topic, our podcast aims to deliver substantive information, inspiration, and empowerment.

 Please subscribe and share to contribute to information and knowledge sharing for a toxics-free future.  

Link to the podcast eposiodes here

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