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By the end of 2023, over 60 per cent of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will
pass through digital channels, thus, urgent policy guidance is needed for both
public and private sectors on how different digital technologies can be combined
and leveraged to lay a progressive digital foundation for the circular economy.

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Inspiring a global movement for sustainable consumption and production

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Individual Members

The One Planet network involves more than 6,200 individual members from around the world who are engaged in sustainable consumption and production


National Focal Points

140 countries have appointed an official contact point for sustainable consumption and production and the 10YFP


Thematic Programmes

Including three sectoral programmes on Tourism, Food and Buildings and Construction, as well as three cross-cutitng programmes on Consumer Information, Public Procurement and Lifestyles and Education


Partner Organisations

From across government, business and civil society collaborating on sustainable consumption and production:

> Government: 120+

> Business: 790+

> Civil Society: 370+

> UN/International Organisations: 3 0+

> Scientific & Technical Organisations: 120+

> Other: 30+



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Knowledge centre

Country Profiles

Explore progress on sustainable consumption and production by country, and discover how your country is taking action within the One Planet network

SDG 12 Hub

The SDG 12 Hub supports Member States in the achievement of SDG 12, and is the central location for accessing official government reporting against SDG 12 indicators.

The Hub consolidates and visualises the results of national reporting on SDG 12 indicators, making these publicly available to browse progress on SDG 12 by country or by individual targets.

Connect with sustainable consumption and production Practitioners

Connect and collaborate with more than 5,000 SCP practitioners around the world